Life Care Management

Elite Care Management, Inc. is a health and life care management service that helps people of all ages navigate through the life care maze. The services offered are life care management, advocacy, personalized assessment and development of a comprehensive plan of care, guidance in anticipating and planning for future needs, assistance with placement decisions, moving, and the ability to function as Power of Attorney. Our professional staff works with
all ages.

Elite Guardianship

Elite Guardianship is a guardianship service that works with all ages. The service is comprised of health care and life care professionals dedicated to promoting and managing the needs of individuals requiring the protection of guardianship. Part of our mission is to provide education about topics critical to the disability population such as mental capacity, hoarding, mental illness and decision making. Please contact us for more information.

Elite Care Property Management

Elite Care Property Management Solutions provides services that assist clients in improving and enhancing the client home environment.

These Services Include:

• Coordinating home improvements such as repairs, refurbishing, and property clean up
• Decedent estate wrap up
• Home safety evaluation
• Home monitoring
• Transitional living placements
• Preparation assistance for relocation
• Coordination of home maintenance services
• Asset management

Life Span Program Services

• Life Care Management
• Guardianship Services
• Property Management Services
• Power of Attorney
• Transitional Living Consultation
• Financial Abuse Investigation
• Navigation of Complex Family Dynamics and Issues
• Life Care Planning
• Asset Management