Depression and Anxiety Test

    Depression and Anxiety Test

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    Depression and Anxiety Test

    Here is a list of things that can be done to help people with depression or anxiety. Beside the ones that are helpful in Depression, choose a "D." Beside the one that are helpful in Anxiety, choose an "A." If the item is both disorders, choose "Both."
    1.Keep the environment bright and clean
    3.Encourage daily exercise
    4.Help the person breathe deeply and relax their muscles
    5.Reassure the person that you will help them and keep them safe
    6.Encourage the individual to be with the people and participate in social events
    7.Make sure medication are given as ordered
    8.Keep the environment quit and non-stimulating
    Fill in the blanks in the statements below:
    9. A person who feels unneeded or unwanted may be suffering from
    10. Illness, chemical changes in the brain, and side effects can all cause depression or anxiety.
    11. Someone who is constantly fearful or restless may be suffering from
    12. Saying to the loved ones could be a sign that a person is thinking about suicide.
    13. Telling suicidal person that he will hurt his family if he kills himself on makes him feel more hopeless and ,thereby increasing the pain
    14. Losing or gaining could be a sign of depression

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